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How we work

You are more than welcome to come and see us for a preliminary visit at any time, however to get the most out of it, we do recommend

that you make an appointment for a detailed demonstration of the product and discussion of your project.


The initial brief is taken

For us to put together a design proposal for you, we ask for a dimensioned plan of your space and as much information as possible will

 be taken to establish your individual requirements for the space in terms of function, aesthetics and budget.


Presentation of proposals

During a second meeting, we will present our designs for your kitchen with drawings and a guide quotation. With a detailed explanation

 and discussion of the layout you will gain a clear understanding of our ideas and recommendations together with the rationale behind

them. After discussing any potential fine-tuning, we hope this will give you the confidence to proceed with discussions and in turn settle a design deposit before any drawings are released, amended or site visits arranged. Once a design fee deposit of $1500 plus GST has been settled, this initial fee will be credited to your account when you place an order but is non-refundable should you decide not to proceed.


Refining the design

Refinements and revisions to your design are made during further meetings until you are sure we have interpreted all your requirements correctly. Following the finalisation of designs, a fixed quotation for the final scheme incorporating furniture, appliances, worktops and installation will then be issued. Issuing of contracts and drawings to confirm an order, a signed contract and the specified deposit payment will then be required. Final, detailed, service drawings will then be completed and distributed to all appropriate parties.


We aim to take delivery of all parts for your projects well before they are required on site to ensure that we have everything in place

to arrive on the designated day to begin installation. An installation date is mutually agreed and continued liaison between our

team and your contractors monitors the condition and progress of the site. As your goods are held in our own storage facility we are

 able, if necessary, to reschedule our installation timing to suit delays in your build program giving maximum flexibility. The actual

installation on site is likely to take between 5 to 7 days depending on the size and nature of the project. During installation your

designated project co-ordinator will attend site as often as necessary to remain in close contact with our fitters, your contractors

and answer any queries that you may have.


We recommend that your contractor’s plumber and electrician attend site during the final days of our installation to connect the

 appliances to the services. After installation has been completed, our designer will make a visit to offer help and advise on how to

 get the best from your new kitchen.



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